Does the Fat Loss Factor Work?

This program helps to reduce stress and boost the immune system by eating foods that are healthy for you. When this is combined with physical exercises and relaxation activities, the diet contributes to muscle growth and increases your metabolism.  It is a highly effective, 12 week, life-changing program that works.

This diet helps to change lifestyles through exercise and gives a good understanding of nutrition.  Also, through exercise and relaxation activities, there is a good chance for a change in attitude, which can change the weight for the individual.   However, it is the diet that needs to be changed for the individual, so a good understanding should be gained through using the Internet and recipes that are given in the program.  The fat loss program encourages the intake of organic foods and fresh fruit and vegetables, which makes it a healthy diet, much like the Mediterranean diet.

The principle of the diet plan is to cleanse the body first of toxins, before focusing on eating foods that are considered metabolism boosters, such as protein and complex carbohydrate fibers.  This fasting may be a problem for people with medical conditions.

Generally speaking, this is a good diet, with supportive life style changes such as relaxation and increasing physical activities. However, these may be overdone depending on age groups and medical conditions.  Most overweight people are non-active and unable to change life styles, which generally is a difficult task.  Yet this diet may help this group of people.

This diet plan recommends exercises which help mental stress level control.  One of the easiest ways to boost weight loss processes is building muscle instead of storing lipids.  Exercise increases strength training to aid in building and retaining that muscle.  This diet plan is best for people in good health with little or no disabilities physically; otherwise the success of this diet may be at a minimal level.

Fat loss is not something that can occur in 1 or 2 days – be patient, stay motivated, eat a healthy diet and work out regularly, and you can see the desired effect.  Many dieters use food as an emotional release instead of having a healthy response to difficulties in life.  Being patient and staying motivated may not be easy for some people who are overweight. An online chat room for users where they can gain supportive assistance would be a good idea.

This diet gives a lot of healthy eating tips and suggestions.  It suggests foods that you need to avoid as they may be harming you internally.  These are food that are rich in calories and fat, such as pastries, candy bars and other foods that contain a large amount of sugar.  Choose foods that are healthy like vegetables, whole grain cereals, fruits, beans, low fat meats, and low fat and non-fat dairy and skin-free poultry.

The creator of this diet, Dr. Charles Livingston is a well know chiropractor, certified wellness practitioner and nutritionist.  He has helped many people lose fat efficiently in a couple of weeks.  This program has quickly become a way to help people have a better life by losing weight.

The Fat Loss Factor Diet

The fat loss factor diet is a 12 week online weight loss program.  It involves a diet and an exercise combination with goal setting and stress management.  Different stages, or levels, are given depending on the level or amount of pounds you want to lose and how fast you want to lose them.  The fat loss factor is divided into 2 stages.  The first stage lasts for two weeks.  During this time you will consume organic fruit, organic vegetables, nuts, seeds legumes, coconut and olive oils and drink only spring water.

Part of stage one is a fasting that requires the person to fast for a certain amount of time.  The principle of the diet plan is to cleanse the body first of toxins, before focusing on eating foods that are considered metabolism boosters, such as protein and complex carbohydrate fibers.  There are recipes and menus that the users of this diet can pick up online.  This helps in diet planning and learning new ways to eat foods that are healthy, which produces a high immunity in the dieter.

Exercise is an important part of this diet.  During stage one you are advised to walk for 30 to 60 minutes a day, preferably outdoors. During stage two, the exercises and relaxation programs become more intense.  There are different levels of exercises to meet the needs of individuals in various stages of physical health.

Stage two involves a diet and a 10 week lifestyle un-diet that is followed for twelve weeks.  This is based on lean proteins and low carbohydrates, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables.  This period includes strength training regimens for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercises.  The workouts take between 35 to 60 minutes and are mostly performed on machines.  The exercises can be seen on video animation online.  Also, the diet provides short 15 minute workouts that participants can do in a short time. These are yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates.  These relaxation programs are also on the internet.  These recommended exercise programs also reduce stress and bring relaxation to the fat loss factor diet daily routine.  As the individual who uses this diet learns to combat stress through relaxation skills, they slowly learn new behavioral attitudes to deal with every day stresses of life.  This is the beginning of new lifestyle changes that can increase the health and the immune system of the individual. 

This diet helps to change life styles through exercise and mental relaxation skills, which teach us how to reduce stress. It maximizes the fat-burning effects of foods we eat and contributes to muscle growth and increases metabolism.  It is a highly effective, 12 week, life-changing program that works.

Dr. Charles Livingston is a well-known chiropractor, certified wellness practitioner and nutritionist. He has helped a many patients lose fat efficiently in a couple of weeks.  This program has quickly become a way to help people have a better life by losing weight.

Who is Dr. Charles Livingston?

Dr. Charles Livingston is the mind, the information and therefore the experience behind the Fat Loss Factor, the foremost in digital weight loss programs offered out there lately for those that need a way to slim down in the fastest manner possible.

Dr. Charles Livingston (or usually known as Dr. Charles D.C) isn’t one of those slick promoting salesmen attempting to steal some cash from individuals with health problems. Charles D.C is a certified health professional, public speaker and chiropractic physician who graduated with honors from Palmer College of chiropractics.

One thing that usually attracts attention to Dr. Charles Livingston is that, in contrast to the overwhelming majority of doctors and specialists in nutrition, his physical structure and athletic condition reflects precisely what he says. This instills a feeling of trust for the customer, especially for the nutrition and weight loss tricks typically mentioned in his product. His accepted weight loss series known as Fat2Fit, launched him to a high status in 2012 and from there, the accolades kept coming.

His skills and educational expertise and in fact his personal data acquired by trial and error, has made him quickly become a specialist in weight loss, and particularly in the area of a slim down with body form maintainance (the hardest of the matter). There’s plenty of noise concerning his recently launched video for the Fat Loss Factor, where he reveals the key to burning fat in the quickest manner.

The most renowned products created by Dr. Livingston are:

Cellulite Factor System: The Cellulite Factor is a one-of-a-kind four step program to increase adipose tissue reduction. This program can teach you precisely what adipose tissue is and the way to reduce it once and for all.

Fat Loss Factor: The Fat Loss Factor is presently one of the most popular weight loss programs within the country. This weight loss system focuses on eliminating toxins from the body, returning it to its natural “fat burning” state while educating and retraining the mind to change previous habits and replace them with new, healthier ones.

Dr. Charles Livingston has been featured in multiple press releases and on-line media because he is the most prolific weight loss professional in recent times. His distinctive approach to fighting obesity and helping individuals to get in shape has brought him very good reviews for his accepted weight loss program the Fat Loss Factor.

You may have tried totally different diets before. You may have been doing various exercises. You have possibly even tried starving. All these ways might actually harm you! While trying everything to become slim, do not forget about your health because it is the most precious gift given by nature. Pay attention to your health! Do not waste it for the sake of a fit body! Stay healthy and lose weight with Dr. Livingston.

Fat Loss Factor Master Cleanse

One of the most fascinating components of the Fat Loss Factor eBook is Dr Livingston’s revolutionary approach to eliminating dangerous toxins from the body to modify fat burning. The problem with several other weight loss programs is that not only do they teach you to try and do the incorrect sorts of exercise; they also don’t understand how the body really works. A straightforward modification to the initial stages of a diet will work wonders with fat burning and weight loss. This is often what makes Dr Livingston’s ‘Fat Loss Factor’ eBook immensely totally different. He starts by cleansing the body of poisons through a Master Cleanse before the diet starts.

For the Master Cleanse Dr Livingston offers numerous strategies that may be used to remove nasty and dangerous toxins from the body (dangerous when it involves attempting to lose weight). He dedicates an outsized section of the Fat Loss Factor eBook and numerous videos to demonstrate the advantages of detoxing the body. One of the strategies that Dr Livingston recommends to cleanse the body is by using his distinctive lemonade drink.


Why is lemon so good for the body? Lemon is one of the most effective secret weapons for detoxing the body and kick-starting weight loss. Lemon is great for digestion, weight loss and for cleansing the liver. By drinking little amounts of lemon juice in an exceedingly heated glass of water (first thing in the morning) it helps the liver to provide a substance referred to as bile. Bile is required to help digestion which may then help with alternative secondary issues together with physiological reaction, wind and acid stomach upset, bloating and pyrosis.

Lemons are terribly high in a substance referred to as cellulose fiber. This is often called a dieter’s dream substance. Essentially cellulose has the distinctive ability to be able to stop hunger cravings so if you begin the day with a tiny squeeze of lemon juice you’ll be able to guarantee that you won’t be having as many hunger pangs throughout the day.

Lemons may facilitate weight loss as they provide a lot of energy as is often observed. Lemons have a huge quantity of negative charged ions that additionally work with the gastrointestinal system.

Lemons are good for constipation, stress, weariness and high blood pressure.

Also lemons are helpful in hydrating the body fluid system. This permits you to feel a lot more energized (great for doing the exercises provided in Dr Livingston’s eBook).

Fat Loss Factor consists of ideas to guide you towards a speedy healthy life style plan which will encourage the entire body to eliminate unnecessary abdominal fat. From the first fundamentals of getting ready, Fat Loss Factor works to help you attain a lifetime of health and fitness, the proper diet for you, and also the mental approach that is needed to accomplish your goal of fat loss.

This system can help you attain what you so desperately want: a slim, healthy body that you are going to be very pleased with. These goals are accomplished from the steady exercise and intake of healthy foods.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor is a combination of a healthy diet and a healthy fitness program that has been developed extensively by an authorized healer and dietician – Dr. Michael Allen. Dr. Allen’s expertise as a practitioner combined with the proof of successful customers shedding the pounds demonstrates how effective his program is. While other weight loss gurus are busy promoting their merchandise, Dr. Allen is busy helping individuals flip their attitude toward well-being.

There are primarily 3 aspects of the program that contribute to fat loss: a correct diet program, a proper exercise regime that improves your body’s fat burning mode, and a guide that enables you to focus on striking your fitness goals and maintain your dedication. These 3 aspects show the general approach to fitness and mental discipline, together with a healthy intake and effective exercise program. These elements effectively produce a worthy fat loss program.

How will the Fat Loss Factor System Work?

The program runs for the duration of twelve weeks, beginning with a detoxing period within the first couple of weeks. Throughout this primary two week period, harmful toxins that cause your body’s fat cells to shrink are eliminated. This is often achieved by increasing your intake of natural organic foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and raw seeds.

At the top of this two week program, you may experience a discount in fat reduction, notice that your system is far stronger; you have increased energy levels and a reduction of food cravings.

After the 2 week part is over, you start the regular program to begin shedding fat, supported by a series of “Fat Loss Factors”.  Now you are ready to get started with losing weight. Now that your body is cleansed you will get the best benefits of the program and you will be able to work your body to the maximum.

To fully maximize the program, there are helpful tools available on the market to induce that dream body quickly. With the Fat Loss Factor System Manual, you will find all the main points of the whole program including the exercise tracker or exercise log. This enables you to monitor your progress through the coaching manuals for various levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Sample workouts are contained, and you’ll be able to begin at any time using the eBook. There are even very satisfying recipes for preparing healthy meals, and information on what food you should purchase. The package is a solid assortment of resources which will assist you to lose fat.

If you would like a transparent and comprehensive diet and fitness plan, opt for Fat Loss Factor. There are no promises of miracles with this program, but what you do get is sound information that will skillfully lead you to attain your ideal weight. Dr. Allen is admittedly serious about helping individuals to reduce their weight. His client testimonials are pretty superb. Their bodies may be modified permanently simply because they followed the program. Therefore, if you are looking to find a superb fat loss program that works, why not try this?